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TPS is the number one supplier of local produce in the Northeast of Scotland.

All of our Scottish produce is sourced from growers within a 15 mile radius of our Turriff Distribution Centre, for example, our carrots and turnips are grown on farms within walking distance from our base and our potatoes are grown locally too.
Our trusted suppliers are all personally known to us and we are constantly updated with information on crop yield, quality and expected harvest times.
Many of our soft fruits are also produced locally all season long.
Our summer salad leaves arrive daily from our local grower and are harvested first thing in the morning and within an hour our leaves are packed and delivered to our cold store for maximum freshness.
Our milk and dairy products are supplied from Mitchell’s Dairy in Inverurie, one of the most respected dairies in the area.
Other exotic products are delivered daily from markets around the country.
We also supply a fantastic range of prepared vegetables and Dairy products too.
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